Nikki Cornfield

Holistic health coach
Advanced physical iridologist

nikki j cornfield

I'm Nikki

I am super passionate about empowering women to HAVE IT ALL in life, to lead themselves first, to self nourish, and to fall madly in love with WHO THEY ARE.


I stand for humanity, truth, love, connection, health & abundance. I believe in women having it all, in our family life, business, health, wealth & our relationship with ourself.


Because… it’s all POSSIBLE.

Work with me!

Book a 60-minute Holistic Health Consultation with me, either face-to-face (in Western Australia) or via Zoom. 


MY most recent blogs below, I hope you enjoy the reading:


Explore The World But Find Home Inside

Life for me has always been a series of adventures, somehow I’ve always been curious to know what was ‘out there.’ It seemed that no matter


Write Your Life Story

This time last year the big 50 was fast approaching and without family or friends in Adelaide I was facing the depressing prospect of it

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Welcome to my group for conscious entrepreneurial women who want to reach for the skies.

I wanted to create a safe space for soul-orientated women to journey through life. Only when we are fully aligned with our authentic self can we achieve our full potential. This is a group to learn the wisdom that a lies within all of us, tap into self healing through food and nature and create abundance in all areas of life.