Nikki Cornfield

I help women and men utilise their full health potential using both my investigative psychic abilities, my skills and knowledge in health and wellbeing, combined with healing modalities.

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nikki j cornfield

I guide others towards self- mastery and alignment with their soul mission. I offer an holistic and intuitive approach to supporting clients on their life journeys. I am committed to helping clients achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual harmony by drawing from my own life experience, inner wisdom, and training.

My goal is to empower each one of my clients to become masters of their own lives. Guiding them to trust their own choices by tuning into their own guidance system. My emphasis is to teach my clients to fine- tune their instincts, and to help them make authentic choices aligned with their own soul mission.

In a world where external influences can sometimes drown out one’s inner voice, my work provides a compass for individuals to navigate their paths with confidence and self- awareness. By fostering a connection between my clients and their inner wisdom, I hope to assist them not only in the present but also equipping them with lifelong skills for navigating the future. 

The Soul's Compass by Nikki Cornfield

The Soul's Compass


Inspired by intuition revealing a concealed message, the author penned this book. Delving into soul awareness, memories revealed a journey marked by serendipity, epiphanies, and truth-bearing messengers. Weaving her life story, connecting dots, a truth emerges—following internal guidance led her soul homeward, powerfully revealing her true self.

It's a captivating and introspective journey, exploring the realms of intuition, soul awareness and hidden messages. The weaving of personal experiences and the revelation of a deeper truth adds a profound layer to the narrative.

The book is an invitation for readers to embark on their own transformative spiritual and healing journey, embracing the unconventional paths that life may present. The emphasis on the mysteries of the invisible world and the belief that there is more to life than meets the eye creates an intriguing atmosphere.

Success Stories 




Having known Nikki personally for years and watched her journey from afar, on instinct I responded to her invitation for an intuitive reading. As a very private person, I find it hard to open up and ask for help. Nikki allowed me the opportunity to really look within myself in a safe moment in time.

I have very deep trauma, grief, and sadness. Nikki intuitively described the feelings I was having during our session. Nikki offered advice on the small practical steps to deal with my trauma. and to feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel of darkness I feel Nikki comes from a place of love and light, and is patient and generous with her gift.

Andi McCullough

My experience with Nikki was amazing. she has a natural ability to connect with you. I felt a sense of calmness and spiritual connection. She listened and provided clarity and she empowered me to feel in control of my intentions.

Esther Diaz

Thank you Nikki the cards drawn were spot on as was your interpretation of them. I felt excited as they all confirmed what I already knew deep within and gave me a different perspective on something I would love to do but didn’t think I could. Now I know I can, and I am excited. I love her energy and insights and it is well worth having one of Nikki’s readings if you want clarity, confirmation, or a different point of view.

Chantal Vanderhaeghen



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December 13, 2023

Join me in the Soul Space Facebook Group

Join me in The Soul Space Facebook Group.

I have created a safe space for soul-orientated women to journey through life. Only when we are fully aligned with our authentic self can we achieve our full potential. This is a group to learn the wisdom that a lies within all of us, tap into self healing through food and nature and create abundance in all areas of life.

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