How did I come to blogging? I used to think blogging was for people who were a bit self-righteous and had a lot of time (whoops that’s me!) But as I became more open to what happiness and wellness are I came to a better understanding of the blogging community. Sharing stories and experiences connects people and it is hopefully one of the first things we learn in life. After years of travelling the globe with British Airways I found myself living in The Netherlands as an expat wife and mother to three small children. For the next few years we called ‘home’ to many places and I became a “trailing spouse’ following behind my husband’s career. But I became tired and frustrated of being in his shadow and I was lost in every sense of the word. Living in Singapore opportunity knocked and I grabbed the chance to travel to Bali and Perth my dream to become a yoga and meditation teacher. My deep yearning for a sense of purpose and fulfilment encouraged me to follow another one of those gut instincts telling me what to do.

I came to the conclusion recently that I have a lot of experience in nutrition, wellness and health and was experiencing the power and healing capacities of food, most of which was acquired through personal experience. My desire has always been to achieve optimum health for my family and myself and so in my quest for further knowledge I have once again followed my instincts down another path and I am excited to share this journey with you.

I decided that the best plan for me at this point is to share what I have gone through and learnt on my journey. I hope to do this in an honest and reliable ways by putting on display my personal triumphs and failures. Yes it is a bit terrifying but perhaps in return I may figure out what path my life is heading and even learn a few things along the way. And if I can help some people or even one person finds my experiences useful then that is all I can hope for.