Explore The World But Find Home Inside

Life for me has always been a series of adventures, somehow I’ve always been curious to know what was ‘out there.’ It seemed that no matter what I did I couldn’t settle that restless urge to roam. “For goodness sake what is it you are looking for?” my husband often asked. “I don’t know,  but I’ll tell you […]

Write Your Life Story

This time last year the big 50 was fast approaching and without family or friends in Adelaide I was facing the depressing prospect of it just being me shaking my booty at the party. And so with quiet desperation I flung my frustration at the universe and waited. And as it does the solution arrived […]

How To Maintain Your Calm Within A Storm

Many of you now will be wondering what the ‘eck just happened? Me included. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that life can change instantly and without notice But, as with anything in life it’s our reaction to it that determines the effect of it on our equilibrium Being able to recognize that […]

Always Remember To Love Yourself And Be Kind To Others

As the world fights to figure everything out, I’ll be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, keeping babies entertained in grocery lines, stopping to talk to someone who is lonely, sharing food, being patient with sales clerks, smiling at a passersby. WHY? Because I will […]

My Fermenting Journey

I’ve always been fascinated by fermenting foods, ever since I witnessed Mum brewing Elderflower champagne in demi-john bottles in the room under the stairs. It was our tradition every summer to gather the main ingredient from the wild bushes that lined the Welsh country roads behind our house. My most vivid memory is climbing into […]

Have You Had It Yet?

I have been many times to “The Last Paradise,” “Island of the Gods” and each time I have discovered a little bit more about myself. I don’t know what it is about Bali that has me returning time and time again; maybe it’s the daily spas that I love most; the ritual of disappearing unnoticed […]

Be Present

Life is about being authentic and not comparing ourselves with others. Life is not chasing the future or being in competition with others, but accepting that where we are is right where we need to be. Here with the water lapping at my feet I am grateful for the journey that made that clarity possible.

Cold Water – A Natural Health Kick And Immunity Builder

Cold water is natural for the body. Reinvigorating the body, lowering blood pressure, improving your immune system and an INSTANT MOOD LIFT!! It doesn’t just help us physically, it is great for our mental state, the sense of accomplishment you can feel, by simply, waking up and putting effort into something, using your willpower to […]

Close Your Eyes And Let Your Mind Go To Happy Memories

As the world is a little chaotic right now I will keep posting beautiful pictures as we all need a little lift right now. Visualization is even more important now. Think of the things and the people that you miss, reflect on the happy memories that you have, and look forward to the things you […]

The Benefits Of Saunas

Our bodies are like a jigsaw puzzle. We are born most of the time with a solid box and non of the pieces are missing. So if we keep the box in good order and don’t loose any of the pieces then health is really that simple. But like a piano that needs tuning or […]