How many of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

We need to wake up and look for the reason why cancer and other diseases occurred in the first place. The old adage ‘We are what we eat’ still rings true. Food and lifestyle are the main factors that lead to ill health and chronic disease.  

According to my teacher Tyler Tolman (the healing and fasting expert who has successfully assisted in the reversal of such conditions as liver, colon and prostate cancers, Lyme’s, Crohns, MS, obesity, hypertension, arthritis and eczema) disease is a “Multi-faceted breakdown of various systems within the body” which therefore requires a systematic approach to reversal and ultimate healing – something food alone cannot achieve.


Hippocrates stated that “All disease starts in the gut”; Our digestive system is the body’s sewage system and it provides our body with all of its required vitamins, minerals and everything we need for the cells optimum functioning. It wasn’t designed as a trash can where things come in that are not part of that system. If we stress the body by eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners, colours and overcooked dead animals the system becomes acidic and backs up. Think of an overflowing toilet. Yuck. 

It takes a lot of work to digest animal protein and deal with all the toxic foreign substances. This creates plaque not just in the colon but in the circulatory system, clogging it up. If we add environmental pollutants from smog, car fumes, chemicals in personal & home care products and contaminated municipal tap water we put further stress on a body already overloaded by toxic lifestyle choices.

According to my teacher Tyler “Cancer is curable.” Disease results predominantly from toxicity; clogging and poisoning of the system and nutritional deficiency as well as structural damage.By the time we see a lump or signs of cancer it has probably been growing for a long time. Cancer cells need an acid anaerobic environment to grow so a high animal protein diet helps the cells to thrive. Cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen as found in the alkaline state so eating a diet high in plant-based foods and as much fresh fruit and vegetables helps us to keep our bodies as alkaline as possible. 

We need to change our ideas from trying to find a cure for these diseases and instead work at preventing them

If we look at food in its natural form; hanging from a tree or growing in the ground it needs good soil, sunshine and water in order to thrive and we are no different. The food provided for us in nature is energy giving light for us and Eastern medicine has known for years that plants contain a staggering amount of healing and medicinal properties.  

And yet we have separated ourselves from nature, choosing to turn away from real food and instead producing items in factories that don’t even resemble the original whole food, processing it and refining it so much that it then needs to be fortified with artificial vitamins and minerals. We extract certain elements from the whole food and package it as a supplement instead of just eating the whole food. 

Shopping has become stressful and overwhelming, the variety of packets, boxes and packaging bewilders us and so much time is wasted on reading labels and nutritional content. 

Did you ever see an orange, an avocado or a head of broccoli with a label on it? 

Most things found on the shelves cannot be viewed as food at all. If it is man-made my golden rule is leave it on the shelf. 

We go to medical doctors who have received less than 20 hours of nutritional training for the answers to our problems. They give us chemical drugs which add to our toxicity to mask the symptoms but which do not deal with the cause. We know our bodies better than anyone else and they are perfectly equipped to heal themselves naturally but only if we provide the optimum environment in which to do so. 


Research tells us that Australia now has the highest rate of cancer in the world. One in two Australian men and one in three Australian women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 and it is estimated that one in two people will have cancer by 2020. If we look at the Blue Zones where people are active and healthy well into their 80s and 90s and typically live beyond one hundred, we see that it is not genetics or geography but their diet and lifestyle that determines this.  Now with more of these places adopting western lifestyle and diet sadly these chronic western diseases are starting to appear. Statistics show that obesity has increased in Australia by a whopping 49% in just 20 years. And diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition; tripling over the last three decades, all of these conditions caused by poor lifestyle choices and all preventable. 

When I were a kid….

When I was a child I was sat by my mum would sit me naked in the sun with a bowl beneath the raspberry bush in our garden. They knew that I needed Vitamin D, and sunshine on my body was the only way my body would make its own naturally. When I had eaten more than I could pick she would move me to another bush in the garden.  I can remember the sweet taste of the peas as I pushed them out of their pods with my fingers. In the summer we would turn the glut of tomatoes into homemade ketchup and soups and go out for a drive to pick the elderflowers from the bushes to make fermented drinks. Everything was fermented, pickled or turned into jam giving us the fermented foods now seen as fashionable but which to us was a normal part of our diet. 

Plant whole foods are filled with light and water. They contain electric energy. Nut means seed or beginning point. Nutrition is the process of getting light or energy into one’s body. If we consider anything that comes in a box, package or tin, fish, meat, cheese, eggs they are all devoid of energy or life. So wherever possible we should be putting food inside that gives us life energy, that nourishes us naturally. 

There was this time when…..

At the age of 26 I was diagnosed with coeliac disease an autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system damages the tissues within the small intestine, interfering with its ability to absorb nutrients from food. 

I didn’t recognize it at the time, but I was given a gift. The number one solution for coeliac disease and gluten intolerance is to clean up the diet. As a flight attendant aged just 26 and travelling the world, I was forced to abandon my pizza in Rome, my favourite pasta in Milan and admire, but not buy the baguettes in the boulangerie window in Paris. Bread and pasta came in the form of a prescription and resembled heavy white bricks and dense pasta.  And so, I abandoned the stodge and went in search of natural food wherever I went. Local markets on my travels fascinated me, I was drawn to the colourful displays of natural produce and seeing the locals fill their baskets from the stalls. I started to buy from local farm shops at home and shunned supermarkets in favour of individual shops with locally sourced produce. My exhaustion was replaced with energy and my body healed itself with the natural and fresh foods I searched for to replace the staples that had become my forbidden fruits. 

Leaving the shores of the UK to The Netherlands with my husband’s job I started the life of an expat, living and travelling in many different cultures, climates and my fascination for food and its health-giving properties was fueled. Having seen and experienced first-hand the detrimental effects on my body when stressed, dealing with the absence of close relationships, family and friends and adapting to local water and changes in food and lifestyle I began to fine tune my diet and really learn to listen into what my body was telling me. 

Living in Malaysia I started cooking with coconut oil, drinking fresh young green coconuts and eating local produce and reading up on the benefits from what I found locally, mainly a huge and plentiful supply of coconuts. Naturally cutting out sugar and not wanting to eat the local suspect meat and fish I noticed how energetic and vital I felt, and how efficient was my digestive system.

Moving to The Adelaide Hills I was staggered by the quality of the local produce grown less than 100km from the ground around me. On my doorstep were vineyards growing organic sulphite-free wines. It was an enviable lifestyle and I felt magnificent. I made more gradual changes like introducing fermented foods, kombucha and coconut yoghurt and ditching the diary that had once caused me so much gas and bloating. My body became more alkaline and I felt so much clarity, the brain fog had gone, and my memory was sharper than ever. Then one night a link for an event the next evening caught my eye. I was compelled to book a ticket immediately to go and see Tyler Tolman speak. Well known for his clinical fasting retreats, his knowledge on longevity and healing ourselves naturally. Everything he said resonated with me and it changed my life. As a result, I am now one of his students learning to teach others how to heal themselves. 

“Keep it simple. Keep it smart.” His words not mine. We need to focus on cleaning and opening up all the channels of elimination and ultimately nourishing the body and giving it what it needs to thrive.

If we look at the longest-lived cultures in ‘The Blue Zones’ where the majority of them live beyond a hundred and Tyler, they all incorporate the 7 basic principles of health.

1. AIR

Breathe clean air deeply. Breathing fresh clean air deeply through the lungs is vital. If we look at some of the longest living animals on the planet, like the elephant and turtle they breathe long and deep. Breathing deeply through the nose, into the stomach and out through the mouth oxygenates and alkalizes the body. When you are breathing deeply, you want to breathe clean air, so get some plants into your environment. Plants naturally detoxify the air around us. Studies have shown plants eliminate benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and other chemicals in our living and working environments. 


Consume fresh, clean water. Being properly hydrated increases blood volume, therefore blood can flow. The lymphatic system then has enough water to eliminate the waste. Hydrating the body is absolutely essential for health. Drink a litre of water per 22 KG of body weight per day.


Move the body. Life is movement. Exercise helps eliminate waste through the lymphatic system and via sweating. We have four channels of elimination: Defecation, urination, perspiration & respiration. The first three require hydration. In order to have a bowel movement we need to be hydrated properly. We also need to eat foods that come from nature that are fresh, which contain typically between 70 and 80 percent water content. When we cook the water content out of foods, we need at least to get it from an outside source, which is through drinking more fresh water or freshly squeezed juice. Then we have urination to eliminate toxins from the body through the kidneys and the urinary system. To do this effectively we need to drink enough fluids. Then we have perspiration, which is sweating. If we aren’t hydrated properly, wecan’t eliminate properly.


Get outside without sunscreen early and late in the day. Sunshine is critical to human health because it converts cholesterol to Vitamin D, which is a key hormone that balances many of the body’s systems including the endocrine system, which enables the body to communicate properly. Every cell of the body uses light information to know the lifestyle process: when the cells should live, grow, reproduce and die. Vitamin D has been found to literally prevent an enormous number of diseases including cancer.


Eat real foods in their natural state. Eating fresh whole foods from nature that contain fibers, vitamins, minerals. Phytonutrients, antioxidants and water is crucial. These fibers and water content move through the system cleaning out plaque. They clean waste out of the way while also allowing the body to uptake vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, micronutrients and all of the things it requires for the cells to grow. Essential amino acids allow the body to make protein for muscle so the metabolism can work properly. All of these are found in whole foods in the form of fresh fruits, nuts, seeds and grains. Nearly every one of these foods is complete in the essential amino acid range as long as you eat enough calories. Look at a strong ape he doesn’t just eat one banana he eats a whole bunch and he doesn’t have diabetes. 


Health is not just about breathing clean air, drinking water, exercising and sunshine. It is also about relationships. Anyone knows if they have bad relationships it causes a high level of anger. An anger molecule within the body is just as real as an actual physical poison molecule. We can feel the toxicity within our bodies.  Stress can stop the digestive system. Stress can put us in fight or flight mode, which activates the adrenal glands, which shuts down the thyroid. So, then the metabolism is working solely from cortisol. If the system is constantly being shut down by stress it can literally stop the digestive process, clog up the system and cause all kinds of hormonal imbalances and so on.


Do something you love and care about. Passion. It’s the reason we’re here. Every person thrives when they truly find what they love to do. I like to say with passion it feels like electrical energy runs ing through the body. When I’m in my passion I feel alive and invigorated. Some people thrive on passion – and is their mission in life solely. You find inventors and people highly into their trade that smoke cigarettes, drink soda and never eat good food and have horrible relationships. But they are so passionate that they end up living long and healthy lives solely based on their passion, this is how powerful passion is.

According to Tyler “It’s the combination of good clean air, water, air, sunshine, exercise, taking in whole foods, having positive relationships and finding our passion that leads to a long and a beautiful healthy life.” “We can choose to embrace and live in the balance that these principles teach us- healthy living isn’t just about what you eat.” 

4 Replies to “The Future of Healing”

  1. Nikki you are so spot on with all the above. We clearly lived the same life styles as kids as I too remember the sticky feeling of strawberries or raspberries on my hands. The swinging from apple trees in a relations garden as well as the secretly eating of goosberries or fresh peas in the pod! If we all lived by these seven principles what a healthy tribe of folk we would all be. I admit I do live by these principles everyday of my life. Cycling and walking as much as I can, drinking lots of water, fresh foods, having a fun and thoughtful tribe, breathing the enzymes deeply in from the sea near me and concentrating on my latest passions. Great article! 😊👍

    1. Thank you for your comments Gilly. I am so glad I triggered delicious memories of childhood! You and I are definitely on the right path and the same wavelength. Happy days!!

  2. This is the lifestyle a lot of us strive to achieve. I haven’t eaten meat for 42 years and after watching the movies “Forks over knives”and What the health” my family and I have adopted a plant based diet, giving up dairy and eggs. We all feel so much better. After 2 weeks of not eating eggs we lost the craving. That was a wake up call. We now crave fruits and vegetables and if we need to satisfy a sweet craving we make sweet potato brownies!

    1. Hi Rosemary That is wonderful to hear and I suspected from the photos of all those plant based vegan cafes that you had adopted this lifestyle. Best place for enjoying a choice of eating places is California I am sure!

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