Hither & Yon

Here and There. I think we all are, we are preset but there is always the possibility of being somewhere else, that opportunities might come up at any moment.

“ Being surrounded by nature has always been food for my soul.”

This is a blog about going here and there as the urge takes me. It’s about knowing where I know I need to go and not always asking why. It’s something instinctive in me this deep-seated desire to explore, to discover new places, to meet new people and to share my stories. But it goes much deeper than that, I hope to make you think, to be brave, to live every moment like it’s your last and trust those instincts that we were all born with and so rarely use. It’s also about the magic of self-discovery, of growth, and the wisdom that is only acquired through the learning of life’s lessons and the transitions that come with them, however painful.

I hope you find inspiration here for living a more fulfilled life, to dare to take a chance and to seek out adventures and things that make your heart sing. To treat your bodies with love and only choose foods that nourish and keep you well and I hope to encourage you to find your passions and your purpose in life.

Sharing is caring. Namaste!

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