Always Remember To Love Yourself And Be Kind To Others

As the world fights to figure everything out, I’ll be holding doors for strangers, letting people cut in front of me in traffic, saying good morning, keeping babies entertained in grocery lines, stopping to talk to someone who is lonely, sharing food, being patient with sales clerks, smiling at a passersby. WHY? Because I will […]

Be Present

Life is about being authentic and not comparing ourselves with others. Life is not chasing the future or being in competition with others, but accepting that where we are is right where we need to be. Here with the water lapping at my feet I am grateful for the journey that made that clarity possible.

Close Your Eyes And Let Your Mind Go To Happy Memories

As the world is a little chaotic right now I will keep posting beautiful pictures as we all need a little lift right now. Visualization is even more important now. Think of the things and the people that you miss, reflect on the happy memories that you have, and look forward to the things you […]

Nature Just Keeps On Giving

My wonderful Dad is far far away and standing in the garden I miss him every minute of the day. For the first time in my life I can’t travel and the doors of any plane are not opening anytime soon. But once again I have to turn the feeling of frustration to how can […]

Healing Words

Picking fresh peas from the garden. There is something magical about the anticipation of what might be inside. Like ‘peas in a pod’ the hope they will be identical and perfectly formed. I didn’t wait before peeling back the ‘zipper’ and like as a child scraping my fingers underneath to pop them into my mouth. […]

Healing Through Writing

I have taken this laptop around the world and written wherever I find a space. Often I have been the last one called to the plane or my coffee has gone cold in a cafe as I went someplace else through my words. Yes we all have layers. Beliefs, hurts, traumas, other people’s stuff that […]

Lost Identity A mother’s Silent Cry

I struggled with my loss of identity as an expat. It’s a common theme once we become a ‘trailing spouse’ to follow rather than lead. Yes imagine me hanging onto the wing of an aircraft with a trail of children and suitcases behind me. That was my life! Yes it was a huge privilege to […]

Align With Your Story

I find the biggest motivation comes when I am fully aligned with what I am doing. Sit me down in front of a laptop and tell me to write stories, work on my book and I am gone, lost for hours in the flow of it. Absolutely nothing else enters my mind. Same story goes […]


I believe so many of us stick to our comfort zone because of the fear of the unknown. It’s easier to hope, wish or dream than it is to do. But taking radical self-responsibility for your life means you hold all the answers and you are writing your own story. And that can be scary […]

Have You Ever Felt That You Can’t Just Be You?

I have found that society and social pressures from family and friends can make us feel that we need to conform, to fit in the box of what is considered acceptable. But we are born free and our natural state is to be abundant in all areas of our life. I remember that time when […]