Explore The World But Find Home Inside

Life for me has always been a series of adventures, somehow I’ve always been curious to know what was ‘out there.’ It seemed that no matter what I did I couldn’t settle that restless urge to roam. “For goodness sake what is it you are looking for?” my husband often asked. “I don’t know,  but I’ll tell you […]

Write Your Life Story

This time last year the big 50 was fast approaching and without family or friends in Adelaide I was facing the depressing prospect of it just being me shaking my booty at the party. And so with quiet desperation I flung my frustration at the universe and waited. And as it does the solution arrived […]

Have You Had It Yet?

I have been many times to “The Last Paradise,” “Island of the Gods” and each time I have discovered a little bit more about myself. I don’t know what it is about Bali that has me returning time and time again; maybe it’s the daily spas that I love most; the ritual of disappearing unnoticed […]

The Year That Wasn’t

2020 was the year that many anticipated was going to be different. There was something about turning into a new decade that somehow signified a new beginning, a promise of change. Well we got that alright! As opportunities have unfolded, we have ended up living in the other side of the world to our families. […]

When Travel Is Impossible Try Another Way!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love travel. How I am filled with child- like energy when I feel my feet on foreign soil. The joy I feel exploring local markets and the anticipation of waiting for food to appear on my plate. I thrive on the magic and fascination of what I […]