How To Maintain Your Calm Within A Storm

Many of you now will be wondering what the ‘eck just happened? Me included. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that life can change instantly and without notice But, as with anything in life it’s our reaction to it that determines the effect of it on our equilibrium Being able to recognize that […]

My Fermenting Journey

I’ve always been fascinated by fermenting foods, ever since I witnessed Mum brewing Elderflower champagne in demi-john bottles in the room under the stairs. It was our tradition every summer to gather the main ingredient from the wild bushes that lined the Welsh country roads behind our house. My most vivid memory is climbing into […]

Cold Water – A Natural Health Kick And Immunity Builder

Cold water is natural for the body. Reinvigorating the body, lowering blood pressure, improving your immune system and an INSTANT MOOD LIFT!! It doesn’t just help us physically, it is great for our mental state, the sense of accomplishment you can feel, by simply, waking up and putting effort into something, using your willpower to […]

The Benefits Of Saunas

Our bodies are like a jigsaw puzzle. We are born most of the time with a solid box and non of the pieces are missing. So if we keep the box in good order and don’t loose any of the pieces then health is really that simple. But like a piano that needs tuning or […]

“The Eyes Don’t Lie!”

There is always some truth behind these old sayings. I know what you are all thinking. This eye looks like a map of the world. What if I told you it’s a cry for help from the body!! Yes it talks to us through pain, inflammation, signs of ill health but it also shows up […]

Nature Has All The Answers

Ever thought why we arrived on this earth naked and with a sun in the sky? Yes the two of us are a match made in heaven. Dad taught me at an early age how important the sun was to our health and he never wore suntan cream despite spending the best part of his […]

True Wealth Starts With Health!

he rest of life’s blessings are just the sprinkles that decorate it. So what if I told you that nature provided us with the perfect tool to help guide us? That we have eyes to view the world but also the mirror to show us a reflection of the inside? Take a look at this […]

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Most of us desire longevity but we want to have that and be healthy and active right until the end of our lives too. I believe 50 is not middle age anymore it’s more like 70.Living to 100 and beyond is what is possible. But we mostly do all the wrong things so this doesn’t […]

When It Comes To Health We Have Been Lied To

Yes I said it! As soon as we are born and whisked away from our mothers it begins. When someone else tells us what we need to give our children it continues. When we hand over our health to someone else we give away our power. Nature is clever, we arrived in a physical body […]

Water Is My Happy Place

Recently I took a bit of time out in nature to reflect on the past year 2020. I started it off in the flat chilly flatlands of Norfolk England at New Years with close friends, high hopes and a full diary of events and travel plans But it didn’t quite go according to anyone’s plans […]