“Dance With Your Evolution!”

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I am sure you have no idea what I am talking about do you?

Well I was listening to a masterclass today as I walked in nature. I like combining some learning with my exercise. Multi- tasking seems to be the only way I get both done these days, plus I adore being outside and not stuck at a desk.

I even now stick my laptop in the car and wherever can I find a park bench I sit and write. That is the amazing thing about being in nature I just get all these creative ideas that I just have to get down.

I was listening to Joanna Hunter and she suggested I “Dance with my evolution.” It made me think how much I have focused on getting to the destination when really I need to be enjoying the dance and looking at my time here as one big classroom of learning and growth. And to let go of my focus on arriving at perfection as another better level of perfection will follow and so on and so on. In other words just enjoy the present as it’s all we ever have.

In January I vowed not to take anything else on but when intuition speaks to me and opportunity knocks I ALWAYS listen. So I accepted her challenge and now find myself in her one year ‘My Million Dollar Experiment. I am being stretched to rewire and rethink my mindset and beliefs over money and to believe it’s only myself that is in the way of any goals.

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