Intuition Is Our Internal GPS System

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We all have an inner compass but do you actually listen to that or your thoughts?

Our inner compass is like the lighthouse in the storm. It’s there to guide us and get us through the gap in the rocks to the place our soul really wants us to go.

When I started my book (after following my instincts that were telling me to write it!) I saw how I quickly I could connect the dots of my life’s journey. It has been a fascinating process seeing it come together.

I also saw a few things I wanted to change, my thought processes and habits of speech around money that were going to keep tripping me up. I had a money story of my own.

And so do you!

If you don’t like what you see it’s because you have manifested it. There is no point trying to deny its existence or blame someone else.

BUT as I have seen in the last year everything is possible to manifest if you first recognize what you want and what you are no longer willing to accept or tolerate in your life.

Don’t be scared of money as money will then be scared of you. We want to love money so it will love you back.

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