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My book is the spiritual journey back home to myself.

It was the move to Asia ‘East meets West’ and studying to be a yoga teacher that my spiritual awareness really opened up and I began to look at life through new lenses. It was like the windscreen wipers were cleaning the murk away and I was now in the process of finding myself again after many years following as a ‘trailing’ or ‘supporting’ spouse and mother. I felt alive being in the tropics, part of an expat family and with so much diversity of travel I was reconnected with a part of me that had been lost and it was the time I began in earnest to find the rest of her. It wasn’t really a decision to write a book it was more that I followed a deep sense of knowing that I had to. In its early beginnings the reason why I was called to eluded me, and it remained with a beginning but no end. 

I contented myself with writing my life stories, finding that the clarity and emotional release I received was in some strange way revealing something one layer at a time. 

A crisis followed when three years later we returned to a different state in Australia. I felt the loss of so much in that move  and the expat life that had given our family identity and belonging. The writing of the book continued and became a tool of healing, a place to let the grief surface on the page for all that I felt as loss. It became the very thing that led me out of the dark hole of depression and climbing towards my dreams and it was here that I met various people, healers, health gurus and spiritual healers that like the pulling of a light chord  illuminate my way forward.

As each one appeared they were clearly showing me what I needed to know next and the  epiphanies and serendipitous moments that followed were clear signs that I was indeed following my ’Soul’s Compass.’ It was here living deep amongst nature in The Adelaide Hills (home to many creative and spiritual folk) that I really connected many dots and saw my real healing was in nature and finding myself again.  It was the chance meeting of a health guru at an event that took that further and blew open the hidden agendas behind the medical system and revealed the answers that I had been seeking for years.  I found purpose and fulfilment here  as the healer and writer I knew I was and the themes and messages clearly needed in the book.  

It was during this crisis that I was recognised as a writer and had the opportunity to return to the place I had started my expat journey- The Netherlands and where I met the woman and my future mentor for my  book. I knew it needed to go deep but until this point lacked the clarity to know how to take myself there to write it. When I later took the courage to relocate my family back to Perth it was the pivotal point where I knew it was time to be written once and for all and and I reached out to her  “This book needs to go in deep.” I told her .

“You need to prepare yourself, it’s going to be a brutal but transformational process.  It will be the hardest thing you will ever do but please trust the process, when you align with your story the book will write itself.”

The rest they say is history. It took six months to write the first draft which for all of its 350,000 words was quite the record both in speed and length. To say it looked like War and Peace was not an exaggeration! 

It was writing this book that helped me find my voice again, and integral for my spiritual awakening and growth. It was also hugely transformational, deeply healing old wounds and for giving me clarity and revealing inner wisdom and one by one able to remove the layers of veils that had hidden my authentic self, and to finally feel lightness and peace, by removing the weight of the world on my shoulders.  

This book I hope will inspire, educate and shed light on the real meaning of natural health, reveal the true inner knowing and spirit we all have within us and help people tap into and belief the power they  have to heal their own bodies from sickness and disease. And of course find true peace and connection with nature, that we are. 

Through learning the tools of iridology, reflexology and holistic healing I share how the eyes are not just the window to the soul but to the whole internal health of the body.

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